Photobook/ Wet City


Self-published, 2018

First offset edition

Print run: 500 + 100 special edition in box and print

Paper: 200 gr. Silver ink coated special paper

31,5 x22 cm. Hard cover

42 + 20 + 16 pages + 1 spread

Binding: All the books are hand bound by a traditional bookbinder

Price: 40 + 8 (shipping worldwide): 48 Euro

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About the Project:

“The artist photographs Istanbul as a city in progress, an enormous construction site in building growth, presenting the image of a city in which the past has vanished before a permanent present and future. Black and white images on plates with apparent processing marks (the path of the fluids is visible on many spots), perhaps in an attempt to make them look like material culture objects - carriers of memory, found during an excavation or in an old archive, are the final outcome of almost all of his works. At the same time, through the antithesis between image and material (quick construction development/slow photographic procedure), there is projected a gloomy, depressive reality, but also a city that has already started to sink.”

Theodore Markoglou / Curater of Thessaloniki Photobiennale